We are an ACNC endorsed Health Promotion Charity

After the hard work put in by the whole committee, Australian Stuttering Warriors is officially a registered as an ACNC endorsed Health Promotion Charity (ABN 64453539265).

We look forward to the opportunities this brings to further our cause and mission as well as striving to be the leading Charity for Stuttering in Australia


We also look forward to sharing our values with you all.

Honesty and Integrity:
Honest, high-trust relationships with all members, professional and business partners and people who stutter and their families/supporters

Fiscally Responsible and Transparent:
Prudent, transparent financial processes and reporting, both internally and externally

Accountability and Stewardship:
Responsible and committed execution of agreed strategic and operational plans, with the careful stewardship of any and all membership revenues and associated donations entrusted to the Association

Responsive Partnerships and Collaboration:
Active programs to seek and undertake win/win alliances, ensuring the AWS’s responsiveness and fulfillment of any alliance obligations

Respect for the experiences and points-of-view of people who stutter, their families and supporters, as well as other corporate and individual stakeholders associated with the AWS and its Mission