Who We Are

The objective of the Australian Stuttering Warriors  is to help people on their journey to overcome their stutter through non traditional speech techniques and provide leadership, self development and public speaking opportunities to stutterers.

We are a Charity and Advocacy Group for all people with a stutter in Australia who believe in working together to overcome their stutter and give them opportunities to use their speech to become successful and happy individuals in both a personal and professional capacity.





How We Make a Difference

1% of the Australians have a chronic stutter. That is 1% of the population of teens and adults that have to struggle every single day to be able to communicate with people around them.

We know what that is like - how hard it can be to deal with the anxiety, fear, panic, stress and exhaustion that comes from having a stutter. We also know that there is a way to overcome stuttering, to not let you defeat you and instead a person with a stutter actually has the potential to be a great speaker, to have a powerful voice and to use the empathy and experiences they have gained throughout having a stutter all their lives - to make a difference with their voice.

The Australian Stuttering Warriors provides opportunities and the means for those with a stutter that want to overcome their stutter - to do so. We believe that the most effective ways to overcome stuttering is not "traditional" speech therapy and instead a combination of a holistic speech program, personal development training as well as public speaking and professional development workshops are the key to success.

We provide scholarships and grants to attend these unique speech programs, for both stuttering and public speaking. We have free support groups and meet ups to work together to overcome stuttering and we work with the local communities and organizations to educate them about stuttering and how to help their locals or colleagues overcome their stutter and become even greater assets.

Latest News

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Australian Stuttering Warriors is dependent on financial support from generous private donors, foundations, corporations and government entities.

This support will enable us to continue to change lives of Australians with a stutter!